2. And that’s how skull breathe


  3. Page 1, issue 3, Bright Spiral
    Ohmnath encounters bones for the first time.
    I have a store: 



  4. So close, so close, but tomorrow is another 2 hours.


  5. It’s a Harry Potter spell: lettering-bettering





  9. Some thank you sketches


  10. Sitting next to Julian all weekend at Baltimore Comic Con pulled a Batman out of me.


  11. More of them


  12. Some thank you sketches


  13. First ever con tabling. Veterans talk about the large volume of attendees pouring in and out of artist’s alley in previous years. I guess this is a slow year. Talking to a lot of very nice people and freaking some out.

    Its been interesting to see which tarot people pick up to look at, and to say to them what is says about them.

    Slow con=plenty of time to solve the first few problems of issue 3


  14. My compass tells me to pack everything up that’s already out the door for kickstarter backers first and once that’s complete I can throw these up on my long neglected store, and also email that nice person who managed to send me a message the day before all the books showed up so he knows that they are available.

    Hopefully have everything mailed out by the end of the first week in September.


  15. I’m tabling at Interventioncon Aug 22-24, at this place: Hilton Washington DC/Rockville,1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852 
    I’ll have books, prints, cards and will most likely be completely out of my element. Friendly visitors would be nice.