1. Ohmnath meditates as the sun goes down.   Page 3 beginnings.

    I have so much to learn, and this page has been a really painful fight so far. 

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  2. Maybe someone will buy this eventually?

    100 smackers. 5”x5” hand drawn and rendered.

    Sheewaji’s Samadhi, a talisman employed to cause sudden and unrelenting stillness of both mind and body



  3. Talisman #3: Sheewaji’s Samadhi

    I found out I can do one of these when I get home from work.


  4. Talisman #2: For protection from the white worm


  5. Talisman depicting Tsim and Tsum (Tweedle Tsim and Tweedle Tsum) twin lords of the great contraction.

    5”x5” talisman for backer.

    I sell comics and other stuff here: Brightspiral.storenvy.com


  6. Page 2, issue 3.



  8. And that’s how skull breathe


  9. Page 1, issue 3, Bright Spiral
    Ohmnath encounters bones for the first time.
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  10. So close, so close, but tomorrow is another 2 hours.


  11. It’s a Harry Potter spell: lettering-bettering





  15. Some thank you sketches