1. Some thank you sketches


  2. Sitting next to Julian all weekend at Baltimore Comic Con pulled a Batman out of me.


  3. More of them


  4. Some thank you sketches


  5. First ever con tabling. Veterans talk about the large volume of attendees pouring in and out of artist’s alley in previous years. I guess this is a slow year. Talking to a lot of very nice people and freaking some out.

    Its been interesting to see which tarot people pick up to look at, and to say to them what is says about them.

    Slow con=plenty of time to solve the first few problems of issue 3


  6. My compass tells me to pack everything up that’s already out the door for kickstarter backers first and once that’s complete I can throw these up on my long neglected store, and also email that nice person who managed to send me a message the day before all the books showed up so he knows that they are available.

    Hopefully have everything mailed out by the end of the first week in September.


  7. I’m tabling at Interventioncon Aug 22-24, at this place: Hilton Washington DC/Rockville,1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852 
    I’ll have books, prints, cards and will most likely be completely out of my element. Friendly visitors would be nice.


  8. From Sri_Saundarya_Lahari by Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati

    -The sage Sankara gets pulled into a debate with Sharada, wife of Mandan Mishra

    -She asks the saint to answer some questions about the Kama Shastra because she fears her husband is losing the debate and because she knows the renunciate doesn’t know anything about…let’s go with marital conjugation

    -He goes into meditation and leaves his body to search for someone who has had such experience so he can enter their body for a time and learn what he needs to win the debate.

    ~He finds the recently deceased King Amruk, sees the beautiful mourning wife of the king, decides ‘This is the place!’ and breathes life back into the king with his conciousness

    -He remains in the king for 3 days performing all royal duties, including marital relations with the wife

    -Leaves and then wins the debate

    -no further mention of the king he brought back to life


  9. From Saundarya_Lahari_The_Descent Swami Satyangananda Saraswati

    "39. Meditation on Shiva-Shakti in swadisthana


    O Mother! I worship him, who is always invoking the fire in Thy swadisthana, as Samvarta, the lord of the fire of dissolution.  I adore thee, great Samaya (his potent power). When the angry looks of the great (Samvarta) burn up the universe, Thy glance drenched with compassion renders a cooling treatment.”



  10. From Wikipedia _Prakasa_

    The prakāśa-vimarśa couple

    Uncreated light (prakāśa) is the essence of Śiva. Its function is to illuminate, to make manifest. However, Kashmir Shaivism declares that the nature of prakāśa is “self apprehension”, or, to reflect upon itself. “If the supreme light were devoid of this free and spontaneous self-referential capacity, it would be powerless and inert”.[4]Prakāśa and vimarśa form a couple at the supreme level, identified respectively with Śiva and Śakti.


  11. From Siva_Sutras_The_Yoga_of_Supreme_Identity, Jaideva Singh


    "The meaning of this verse is that the supporter of the universe or the great lord (Siva) accomplishes (i.e. brings into existence) outwardly the desires (e.g. the desires of various kinds of unique creation etc.) existing in the heart of the yogi who has not yet abandoned the desire of remaining in the body.  He does this by inducing in him (the yogi) the feeling of prakasa and ananda, by opening out the flow of the apana (soma i.e. moon) and prana (surya i.e. sun) currents and by arousing the sakti (ie.e samana sakti) which brings about equilibrium between apana (soma) and prana (surya)



  12. From _Aghori_At _the_Left_Hand_of_God by Robert E. Svoboda


    "Have you ever heard of the Sadguru, Karnaguru, and Upaguru?

    The Sadguru kills the aspirant - separating him from his mundane existence. The Karnaguru flays the carcass: the ego. All the accretions of untold births, the false personality, is chopped into tiny pieces. When my Mahapurusha cut Haranath Thakur, my parents’ guru, into tiny pieces and removed Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas from the pile of sixty-four, this is what He was doing. The Upaguru cooks the ego in the fire of Shakti, and the result is a tasty dish: an enlightened being”



    "Punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam, punarapi matrdreshayanam: Birth and death and living in a womb, over and over and over again."

    p. 109


    "…To get out of the grip of karma you must first realize that all karma is due to rna (debt). Karma can occur between two individuals only if there is some bondage of debt between them.  I call this rnanubandhana (from the Sanskrit rna "debt + anubhandana "bondage").  For example, if I steal something from you in this lifetime the opportunity for me to steal from you can arise only if a debt exists between you and me; only if you owe me something.  If there is no bondage, I will not be able to locate your home, or will not find what I want even if I do burgle it.  And if I steal from you, instead of receiving from you as a gift the thing I want, of your own free will, it is highly likely that you must have stolen from me in the past.  Your past action creates a like attitude in me.  This is a very much simplified example, of course, but you can get the idea from it."

    p. 110


    "It may be unwise - it will hurt your feelings, it may land me in jail, you may beat me up or shoot me in return - but it is no karma: it is only a past rna working its way out.  Self-identification with one’s actions converts them into karmas by binding the ego down more tightly to the limited, temporary personality."



    "People enjoy being repaid but usually balk when it comes to paying out.  The result is karma."



  13. From The Song of a Yogi’s Joy, from _The 100,000 Songs of Milarepa: Translated and Annotated by Garma C.C. Chang_

    "It is said that this place is full of terror and an ideal place in which to attain great improvement in meditation.  Can this be true?  Have you found it so?"

    Milarepa sang in praise of the place:



    "The greater the distress and passions;

    The more one can be blithe and gay!

    What happiness to feel no ailment or illness;

    What happiness to feel that joy and suffering are one;”



    "When you give service to your Guru,

    Refrain from thinking, ‘I am the one who works,

    He is the one who enjoys.’

    Should you have this kind of feeling,

    Quarrel and discord will surely follow,

    And your wish can never be fulfilled.”



    "When you practice the Path with Form

    or the Whispered Tansmission

    Do not exorcise demons, nor curse ghosts for others,

    Lest demons rise within your mind

    And a longing for worldly aims will blaze”



    "When you remain in solitude,

    Think not of the amusements in the town,

    Else the evil one will rise up in your heart;

    Turn inward your mind,

    And you will find your way.”



    "When you meditate with perseverance and 


    You should think about the evils of Samsara and the uncertainty of death.

    Shun the craving for worldly pleasures;

    Courage and patience then will grow in you,

    And you will find your way.”



    "The person who has found the way

    Can pass on the gracious teachings to others;

    Thus he aids himself and helps the others, too.

    To give is then the only thought

    Remaining in his heart”



    "Solitude with no commotion and disturbance

    Is the guide projecting meditation.

    The accomplished Guru, the Jetsun,

    Is the guide dispelling ignorance and darkness.

    Faith without sorrow and weariness

    Is the guide which leads you safely to happiness.

    The sensation of the five organs

    Are the guides which lead you to freedom 

    from ‘contact.’



    "Abiding in the realm of Non-differentiation 

    In which all views and sophisms are no more.”


    "The queen vulture on Red Rock

    Stretches her wings in the wide sky;

    She is not afraid of falling-

    Flying through the sky is the vulture’s way”



    "When he works on the Nadis, Prana, and Bindu

    He avoids hindrances and errors,

    Not that the teaching has faults in itself - 

    But it is a good way to improve true Realization.”



    "I, the cotton clad, have sung many songs,

    Not to amuse myself by singing sophistries,

    But for your sake, faithful followers who assemble here,

    From my heart I have spoken words helpful and profound.”


    (Cotton Clad refers to a specific type of yogi, a Repa, who can produce substantial bodily heat through yoga practice and so only wear cotton clothes even in severe cold weather)


    "The clothing I found is the Ah-Shea Vital Heat"


    (A tummo variant.  Tummo has a lot of good and interesting scientific data about it these days)


    "Because of the fear of loneliness

      I searched for a friend;

    The friend I found is the bliss of 

      Perpetual Sunyata.

    Now I have no fear of loneliness.”




  14. 10 thank you sketches


  15. passiveeidolon:

    Pittsburgh Aug. 1-4 2014