1. Turning into something here.


  2. Production copies of the new printings of Bright Spiral #1 and #2 and the just completed Ace of Disks

    I’ve been drilling away at the kickstarter stuff for a while now and the end is very near.  The books are printed and on their way to me in a couple of weeks.  

    The generosity of supporters helped me increase the quality of the first issue dramatically, even adding spot red to 3 pages.  The production quality of the second book matches up.

    Work on Issue 3 has begun.


  3. Ace of disks coming along now.  About another day I think, then it’ll be complete.

    In the meantime here’s a link:

    Liber XV, Ch. I, Class A, OWW


  4. Proofs for these archival prints came back and I like them a lot.  Very black blacks with no color shadows (not sure how they got the blacks so black without that), substantial but flexible ‘paper’ with a rag texture.  They feel good to me.

    In between all this madness I’m somehow managing to begin writing, pacing and thumbnailing issue 3 of bright spiral.  And tomorrow is my birthday, so there’s that too.


  5. Had to resize a little, but this beast is getting there little by little!


  6. Sometimes I write things about my job over here: straightdarklines if you wanted more proof that I’m a regular human being just like you.

    If you already know that, then that’s cool too.


  7. Started a new tumblr @ After illness broke me the world didn’t make a whole lot of sense so I obsessively took photos for several years as part of the hard practices I engaged in to rebuild myself.  

    I decided to start posting them so I can begin to process my past with a better frame of reference.  Sometimes I’ll write something under them.  Follow if that’s something you might be interested in.  

    Don’t follow if you want me to seem like some grim specter and not like a person.  I’d hate to break down that illusion.


  8. A warding design I drew as a tattoo for a friend.  

    I’ve decided I’m going to do that this year.



  9. The pledge money has left Amazon and now rests in my humble account.

    Last look at the files tonight, sending them off to print tomorrow hopefully.  Then the waiting game begins.


  10. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I went back to working with my hands, covered in dust, inhaling poisonous misma for a living.

    Siddhi in sanskrit refers to something like the English word ‘result’. Many define it instead as ‘perfection’, but I think this misses the point and reduces the word to a description of fantasy rather than something very real and practical. I have found no exhaustive list of siddhis, only mentions in various sutras. Normally the list of siddhis includes things like being able to shrink to an infintesimally small size, travel great distances with a thought, etc. In writing, these powers appear in the logos of the operator after many years of arduous and continual meditation and hard practicve

    The deeper a person digs, the more and varying types of samadhi appear in description. Many texts see it as a starting point, rather than the end line.

    I’d argue that every prolonged, meditative practice has a result. And these results are siddhis, by definition. For this idea to work, I acquaint the word meditation with Dhyana: A state where the 5 senses no longer trouble the mind and it focuses on a single point.

    One need only work in a cabinet shop, or with carpenters or steel workers, etc. to find this. All of the demonstrably masterful craftpeople in any environment I’ve worked in have the ability to concentrate themselves into Dhyana while working, and have achieved Siddhi in their particular field.

    "spiritual people" don’t have the authority to claim basic and more novel states and abilities.  They are for all of us.


  11. The cover for Bright Spiral #2.  Thanks to everyone in the universe who helped me get this finished and decided to help me get it printed.


  12. I want to collaborate on a magic trick.

    It’s called “Secret Society”

    The rules: 

    1. Participant One draws a shape in pencil, any shape.  Or even a series of shapes. 

    2. Participant One sends the physical pencil drawing to participant 2.

    3. Participant Two inks the shape however they please.

    4. Participant Two sends the physical inked drawing back to participant 1.

    5. This finished work belongs to both participants. The physical page of work belongs to the receiver of the inked image (a gift).

    6. Either may use this work in any way as long as these two items are adhered to (basically don’t act a shitheel):

    a. Both participants are credited equally in every instance that their collaborative effort sees use.

    b. If profit occurs, each artist receives 50% of the value of the image’s instance.

    This work now belongs to both participants. Either may use it however they please as long as they credit the other every time they use it and as long as they split any profits made from any image with the other participant 50/50.

    Remember: things can get lost in the mail.

    This concludes the first initiation.


  13. Last call friends, 

    The Bright Spiral Kickstarter has 3 hours left.  Last chance to get in on some awesome prints and comics that will only have one short run.



  14. 60 some odd hours left in the kickstarter and just $52 away from the stretch goal where almost everyone gets better and more awesome stuff!

    Here’s the update I wrote today.  It contains an interesting bird fact.

    Update Link!


  15. A preview of the last page of Bright Spiral #2

    4 days left in the kickstarter and less than 200$ to get to the stretch goal that makes the printed books better and gets everyone who pledges over 20$ another tarot card.

    I think it can get there with your help.  If you’ve been wavering or waiting now is the time.

    Here is the link: